Instruction for Admission to the ISC

ISC is a professional organization dedicated to fostering excellence and furthering the understanding of cryoscience through education, research and clinical service.
Physicians, scientists and healthcare providers who are interested in this field are encouraged to join.

Types of membership

  1. Full member (individuals who have obtained MD, PhD degree and are fully involved in the work of the society): $ 100.00
  2. Associate member (individuals who have an interest in cryoscience and support the society’s work predominantly through payments of increased membership fees): $300.00
  3. Non-individual member (industry, hospital etc.) is not available at this time.

Membership benefits

  1. Education
    Biannual international meeting will be held to provide a forum for discussion and interaction via educational courses and research presentations.
  2. Networking
    The ISC will create a website to share scientific information and to access the membership directory.

Membership application

  1. To begin the membership application process, please go to “registration” and fill out the necessary information.
  2. Complete “membership payment” as a full member or an associate member.
  3. The ISC office will e-mail to the applicant a URL for “Sign in” for membership page once application and annual fee payment is in order.
  4. Go to “Sign in” to enter the membership page.